1 Degree of Andy

Roger Breland - TRUTH

November 20, 2023 Andy Chrisman Episode 35
1 Degree of Andy
Roger Breland - TRUTH
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Show Notes

Well look who dropped by the 1 Degree podcast - my first employer in Christian music, the one and only Roger Breland! I hit the road with TRUTH in 1987 and by 1990 I had made lifelong friends, developed a skillset that would define my career and met 3 other guys whom you might know...
There's no one I've ever met like Roger - a true entertainment pioneer,  a keen eye for talent and a heart to preach the gospel no matter what venue that bus pulled into. You can see his impact on the Christian, country and pop landscape through the huge number of artists and musicians that trained under him, not to mention the tens of thousands of people who gave their hearts to Christ during TRUTH's 31 year, 10,000 concert run! We'll do our best to tell his story over the next 90 minutes, so get ready for the amazing journey of Roger Breland and TRUTH.

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